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Mindset & Perspective that Boosts all areas of Life. 

Humor in Multi-Life Experiences Meets Geeky Interpersonal Psychology and Communication Skills that should have been way more important to teach in school than Algebra or Analyzing Fiction. 


The more sh*t you've been through, the more you learn, and then you should pass it on, or it was pointless.

To aim for the top in life, you need to aim for the middle in your MIND. 

-- Dotty Gevers


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Dotty's Journey to the Middle

Dotty's Journey to the Middle


5 Foster Homes

Adopted @ Age 8

Nanny 4 Several Families (15yrs)

Did Assessments/Goal planning

     for group homes & assisted living for children and adults with various medical diagnoses and developmental delays.


Mom of 2 Autistic/ADD Boys 


She has a bazillion autoimmune & connective tissue disorders & just recovered from Cancer in 2021.


Bachelors of Science in Education with minors in Psychology/Sociology


Grad School: Social Work 



                                                                                  THE LONG VERSION


Having grown up in 7 homes/families before age 8, and having been a nanny in dozens of homes in the East Coast & the Midwest, and due to being an INTJ personality, Dotty became a mini-sociologist who became adept at analyzing environments & noticing patterns in cultures & interpersonal dynamics. It came naturally to her as an apparent survival skill from when I was younger.


Her Bachelor's in Education consisted mostly of psychology, sociology, the way people think and learn & forming individualized educational plans to cater to the way they learn best.


I used that degree to work with developmentally delayed adults & children, and writing their assessments, goals & activity plans in all areas of life...


Cognitive      Social      Emotional      Large Motor skills     Fine Motor skills +

Daily Living Skills like healthy meal planning, exercise, budgeting, & long term goal planning


Then I had a revelation! "What if we used this same method on "normally developing people (i.e. "Neurotypicals") ? I mean, maybe we could produce SUPER HUMANS!?"  So, I used this method as a Professional Nanny to enhance the development of Neurotypical children in all areas of their life. I documented their progress and the parents lived it because they could see it working!


Then God proved he had a sense of irony when he blessed me with 2 boys on the Autism Spectrum!  I  became an expert on boosting Emotional Intelligence, & interpersonal communication to enhance their lives, while enhancing my own! 


Then I started consulting other parents whose children had developmental or behavioral issues, and various adult friends with chronic life issues and then had another epiphany!  "Why are they not teaching this stuff to neurotypical people? People would be so much happier, functional, & get farther in life, find & keep stable relationships, be financially stable...

I coach things that are, for some reason, only taught to you if you are a hostage negotiator, a counselor,  have been in therapy, or some white collar career where they send you off on corporate retreats to learn this stuff.  I teach concepts and techniques that should seriously be embedded into the curriculum in every grade of school so people do not spend decades miserable or making others miserable!

Happy, Healthy Dating & Relationships     Toxic People & Situations 

Interpersonal Communication     Conflict Resolution        Perspective Taking       Empathy  Training 

Questioning your Negative Thoughts About Yourself & Others     Breaking Addictive Behaviors

Motivation for Long Term Goals     Executive Functioning Skills 

Depression & Anxiety Healing     Mental Health Red Flags      Dopamine Addiction Healing

Medical & Alternative Therapies for Medical Mysteries

Employee-Employer Challenges & Resolutions    Parenting    

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